02 February 2013

Connectify Dispatch megres internet connections to make your browsing experience faster

 Connectify Dispatch allows us to use our normal home ethernet broadband internet connections and combine it with 3G/4G mobile data connections to get a fastest internet experience. Connectify Dispatch intelligently balances internet traffic and accelerate internet speed. You can experience the increased speed when downloading multiple files, using uTorrent or opening multiple web pages at once. It will make the internet more reliable, if one connection fails accidently, it can automatically switch to another connection.

Connectify Dispatch comes with Connectify Hotspot feature (mentioned in an earlier post) which lets you create Wi-Fi hotspot and share the combined internet connections to any Wi-Fi equipped devices. The service isn't cheap: Connectify Dispatch and 1 year of Connectify Hotspot will set you back $50, while Connectify Dispatch and a lifetime subscription to Connectify Hotspot will cost you $70. Connectify Dispatch isn't available on its own, unfortunately.

Download Connectify Dispatch from here.

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